The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift was developed and patented in the late 1970s by former parent company E. Falck Schmidt A/S Denmark.  The main goal for Falck was to create a Mobile Elevated Work Platform that could pass through a regular door opening, yet obtain working height in minutes.

The result is “The Falcon Atrium Spider Lift Concept”

A Mobile Elevated Work Platform that can pass through 1m wide and 2m high door opening and the outriggers unfold like a spider’s legs providing safe support.  There is a unique patented safety system that constantly monitors the pressure in the outriggers.  In case of insufficient support, the machine will automatically shut down and limit operations to those functions that establish support and safe operation.  While this system was revolutionary in the 1970s it is standard on all Falcon equipment together with a secondary guarding system.

In March 2005, E Falck Schmidt A/S merged with DENKA Lift A/S to form WORLDLIFT Industries A/S.  This meant that the company could now provide a range of compact platform solutions that ranged from 22m to 52m working heights.

In 2009 the company was rebranded and SKAKO LIFT A/S was created, at the same time it was decided to concentrate all activities in Odense and start a massive outsourcing project.

In 2011 the senior management of SKAKO LIFT A/S, Finn Schlitterlau and Thyge Mikkelsen bought the “Falcon Atrium Spider Lift Concept” activities under the name of TCA LIFT A/S.

July 2017 saw Generationsskifte Invest A/S (private equity firm in Denmark,) acquire 65% shares in TCA LIFT A/S.  Finn Schlitterlau and Thyge Mikkelsen continue to manage the company and retain 35% shares.

In April 2018, TCA LIFT A/S changed its name to Falcon Lifts A/S in order to simplify and emphasise their focus on developing the Falcon Spider Lifts.

The aim is to be the one of the strongest producers in the global market, by developing, manufacturing, and delivering systems and solutions that are superior in safety, functionality, technology, and design, enabling safer and more efficient operating.

All Falcon Spider Lifts are designed for high performance with most models boasting the articulated double jib system. This system allows for unprecedented reach and performance – please enquire specific machines.