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Liftech specialise in the sale of new Powered Access products throughout the UK.

As authorised dealers, we deal direct with the equipment manufacturers to bring you the very best value on every sale we agree.

We have handpicked our range Tracked MEWPS/Spider lifts to ensure that we have the right range of machines for the market in the UK and Ireland.

Spider lifts are perfect for all powered access applications across the Rental, Restoration, Forestry, Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, Energy, Infrastructure and Service sectors.

Discover our range:

What makes Spider lifts so versatile:

  • Compact design, ensure easy set up in enclosed or crowded environments
  • Lightweight, can drive on virtually all floor types and set up safely without damaging delicate floors
  • Ability to stabilise on irregular and steep slopes as well as easily driving off road
  • Equipment can be specified with the following power options: Diesel, Bi-Energy and Battery (including Lithium)
  • Option for Power, Water and Air tDo the basket, improving working safety & efficiencies
  • Easy to transport to, from and around site

Falcon 135Z

Max Working Height13m

Falcon 160Z

Max Working Height15.8m

Palazzani TZX170

Max Working Height17m

Palazzani TZX190

Max Working Height19m

Falcon 200Z

Max Working Height20m

Palazzani TZX225

Max Working Height22.5m

Falcon 230Z

Max Working Height23m

Palazzani TSJ23.1

Max Working Height23m

Palazzani TZX250

Max Working Height25m

Palazzani TSJ25

Max Working Height25m

Falcon 270Z

Max Working Height27m

Palazzani TSJ27

Max Working Height27m

Falcon 290 Wheel

Max Working Height29m

Palazzani TSJ30.1

Max Working Height30m

Palazzani TZ330+

Max Working Height32m

Palazzani XTJ32

Max Working Height32m

Falcon 320 Vario

Max Working Height32m

Falcon 320 Wheel

Max Working Height32m

Falcon 330 Vario

Max Working Height33m

Palazzani TSJ35

Max Working Height35m

Palazzani XTJ37+

Max Working Height37m

Falcon 370 Double

Max Working Height37m

Palazzani TSJ39

Max Working Height39m

Falcon 420 Double

Max Working Height42m

Palazzani XTJ43+

Max Working Height43m

Falcon 430 Vario

Max Working Height43m

Palazzani XTJ48.1+

Max Working Height49m

Falcon 520 Double

Max Working Height52m

Palazzani XTJ52+

Max Working Height52m


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